Jonathan Jin
Machine Learning Software Engineer


About Me

I’m a machine learning engineer working on ML platform and infrastructure at Spotify in NYC. My work centers around scalable systems engineering and user-centric platform design for production-tier machine learning.

Before Spotify, I helped build machine learning platforms at NVIDIA as a member of their autonomous vehicles division and Twitter as a member of their Cortex organization. I’ve also worked on site reliability and observability infrastructure at Uber.

I’m a proud alumnus of the University of Chicago, where I studied computer science and economics.


Download: here.




About This Site

This site is written with Emacs as a standard Org mode file, exported to static HTML with Water.css for styling. It uses PDF.js for in-line resume display on browsers that support it.

There are no trackers of any kind.

The site is hosted on GitHub with GitHub Pages. Take a look at the (truly very tiny) repo here, if interested.